What exactly are the health benefits of Wheatgrass?

Health Benefits (This information came directly from juicingforhealth.com)
The best way to enjoy all the health benefits of this liquid sunshine is in the form of its fresh juice.  One or two ounces a day is enough to provide you the energy to last the day, beats coffee anytime !!

Acidosis: Its alkaline minerals are essential [...]


SAFE TRANSITION TO A 100% RAW/LIVING ORGANIC FOOD DIET (This is from the Ebook “The Garden Diet” by Storm and Jinjee Talifero)
If you try to go 100% raw all at once, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms as a result of the toxins in your body being eliminated. These symptoms can include dizziness, tiredness, sleeplessness, flu-like [...]

Why Drink A Green Smoothie?

This one comes from http://www.fastestwaytoloseweightfat.com/.
Start drink the smoothies 2-3 times a day, and you will experience so much more energy and wellbeing that it will soon become your second nature. And you will start losing weight really quickly too, because you will be eating less of the fattening foods that you normally crave.

Green smoothies are easy to digest. When [...]

Green Smoothies - What they are and how to make them.

What’s a Green Smoothie?

Classic Green Smoothie

A Green Smoothie is simply a blended shake  made of whole fruits and leafy greens. It’s a quick and delicious way to get all of your daily required fruits veggies down the hatch in sixty seconds. Many people drink them as a breakfast replacement because they’re packed full of vitamins [...]

Almonds Can Help in the Prevention of Heart Disease and they can Assist in Controlling Diabetes.

This morning while listening to my guilty pleasure, “Wake Up With Taylor” (Cosmo Radio), Victoria mentioned something interesting in her “7 Things You Need Know Before Your Go” segment.  She mentioned that the latest studies indicated that eating Almonds help in the prevention heart disease and eating them can  also assist in controlling diabetes. Here’s [...]

1 Way to Improve Your Life in 2011.

This bit of information is from US News and World Report. It’s a special issue called 50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2011. The first improvement that they list is to try a new twist on the Atkins Diet. The reason I find this interesting is because it’s pretty close to the diet I [...]

What’s the New Olive Oil? Try Macadamia Oil.

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that it’s the beginning of the year, it’s time to get back down to business. I’m reading a new, amazing book called The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss. I’ve only read the first hundred pages but I can’t wait to tell you about it. This book is from the [...]

Snack Your Way to Good Sex!

Have you heard of a show on tv called “The Doctors”? Now these doctors have come out with a book called The Doctors. It’s loaded with all sorts of interesting information. Here’s a section from their 5 minute health fixes section.
Snack your way to good sex. It’s true! Certain foods can have actions in the [...]

Green foods that aren’t actually Green.

I’m reading an interesting book call The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval. I learned something that I never knew. There are foods that are considered to be green that aren’t actually the color green. Here’s a section directly out of his book.:
“Green” Foods That Aren’t Actually Green
Here’s some trivia about red cabbage: Although it’s [...]

5 Beauty Foods for Amazing Skin.

This information is from the Dr. Oz Show. These beauty foods will help you to get a glowing, youthful complexion. They all do things specifically for your skin. Check them out.

GUAVA - It’s loaded with vitamin C (much more than in an orange). It’s becoming quite common and can be bought in most stores. It’s [...]