Is there a Natural Viagra?

This information is from the February 2011 edition of Men’s Health magazine.
According to the article, there’s no better “boner builder” than meds such as Viagra or Cialis. But what if your erections are hard and you just want them to be harder? Korean Red Ginseng is the natural supplement that will work according to Dr. [...]

Snack Your Way to Good Sex!

Have you heard of a show on tv called “The Doctors”? Now these doctors have come out with a book called The Doctors. It’s loaded with all sorts of interesting information. Here’s a section from their 5 minute health fixes section.
Snack your way to good sex. It’s true! Certain foods can have actions in the [...]

5 Beauty Foods for Amazing Skin.

This information is from the Dr. Oz Show. These beauty foods will help you to get a glowing, youthful complexion. They all do things specifically for your skin. Check them out.

GUAVA - It’s loaded with vitamin C (much more than in an orange). It’s becoming quite common and can be bought in most stores. It’s [...]