5 Beauty Foods for Amazing Skin.

This information is from the Dr. Oz Show. These beauty foods will help you to get a glowing, youthful complexion. They all do things specifically for your skin. Check them out.

  1. GUAVA - It’s loaded with vitamin C (much more than in an orange). It’s becoming quite common and can be bought in most stores. It’s not expensive. Eating Guava plumps up the skin and can be though of as natural Botox.
  2. WHEAT GERM - It’s rich in Zinc which helps with wounds healing. It repairs skin. It’s anti-inflammatory. Wheat germ can help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It even helps with Acne.
  3. ROMAINE LETTUCE - Rich in Vitamin A. Higher in A than all of the leafy greens we typically put in a salad. It helps with cellular turnover. 6 leaves provides 100% of the daily allowance for Vitamin A.
  4. BRAZIL NUTS - Loaded with Selenium. It helps slow the aging process by repairing skin cells.
  5. TOMATOES - Loaded with Lycopene which works like a natural sunscreen. It protects your skin. This does not mean you shouldn’t wear sunscreen. It means that lycopene gives extra boosting protection.

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