Snack Your Way to Good Sex!

Have you heard of a show on tv called “The Doctors”? Now these doctors have come out with a book called The Doctors. It’s loaded with all sorts of interesting information. Here’s a section from their 5 minute health fixes section.

Snack your way to good sex. It’s true! Certain foods can have actions in the body that either stimulate certain sex hormones or increase blood flow-both of which definitely add spice in the bedroom. Try a couple of these for better sex tonight.

Avocados: Contain folic acid and vitamin B6, both of which stimulate the thyroid and spur the creation of male and female hormones. (Avocado really is a superfood. Eat avocados for healthy fats. Your skin will look amazing.)

Capsaicin: Found in hot peppers, capsaicin stimulates your natural endorphins, and it can also help you burn fat while you get randy. Also found in some lubricants-can you say “hot”-it is effective for women, too.

Celery: Celery is chock-full of androsterone, a male pheromone that comes out in your sweat, and though it isn’t consciously smelled, it drives women crazy.

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