Is Your Meal a Downer?

This is from the Winter 2012 issue of Health Monitor magazine.
Before you bite into that doughnut or cheeseburger, consider this: It may cause your mood to crash, say Spanish researchers who studied more than 12,000 people. Their finding: Those who chowed down on lots of foods filled with trans fats (baked goods, drive-through fare, processed [...]

Another Healthy Reason to Eat Dark Chocolate.

I’m sorry for taking so long to add new blog entries. In all honesty, I’ve been going through a bit of a painful time but now I’m ready to take my own coaching advice. It’s tempting to curl up and do nothing but wallow in self-pity when you’re going through a difficult time in your [...]

Fat Blocker-Here’s a Sweet Way to Ward off Holiday Weight Gain.

This one is from the 1/2/12 issue of First magazine.
A sweet way to ward off holiday weight gain: Enjoy blood oranges. Italian researchers found that anthrocyanins, the antioxidants in responsible for the fruit’s vibrant red hue, prevent fat cells from filling. When animal subjects drank blood-orange juice daily, they lost up to 13 percent of [...]

What exactly are the health benefits of Wheatgrass?

Health Benefits (This information came directly from
The best way to enjoy all the health benefits of this liquid sunshine is in the form of its fresh juice.  One or two ounces a day is enough to provide you the energy to last the day, beats coffee anytime !!

Acidosis: Its alkaline minerals are essential [...]

Green Smoothies - What they are and how to make them.

What’s a Green Smoothie?

Classic Green Smoothie

A Green Smoothie is simply a blended shake  made of whole fruits and leafy greens. It’s a quick and delicious way to get all of your daily required fruits veggies down the hatch in sixty seconds. Many people drink them as a breakfast replacement because they’re packed full of vitamins [...]

Almonds Can Help in the Prevention of Heart Disease and they can Assist in Controlling Diabetes.

This morning while listening to my guilty pleasure, “Wake Up With Taylor” (Cosmo Radio), Victoria mentioned something interesting in her “7 Things You Need Know Before Your Go” segment.  She mentioned that the latest studies indicated that eating Almonds help in the prevention heart disease and eating them can  also assist in controlling diabetes. Here’s [...]

What are Hydrogenated Oils? We know that they’re bad but what are they?

Most of us have heard that hydrogenated oils are bad for us but what are they and why is it important to get them out of our diets? I’m reading an interesting book called Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack. This is how he describes hydrogenated oils.
“Most packaged food will contain hydrogenated oils to enhance [...]