Quote for clearing out Life Clutter.

This quote is good to remember when you’re clearing stuff out of your life. Clutter can consist of things such as clothes that are good but not perfect or people that are good but not great or work that’s good but not great.
“I’ve got to say no to the good so I can say yes [...]

Is Your Meal a Downer?

This is from the Winter 2012 issue of Health Monitor magazine.
Before you bite into that doughnut or cheeseburger, consider this: It may cause your mood to crash, say Spanish researchers who studied more than 12,000 people. Their finding: Those who chowed down on lots of foods filled with trans fats (baked goods, drive-through fare, processed [...]

Quick tip to improve your mood.

Sorry all for taking so long to write a new post. I’ve been in jury duty!
I’m cleaning out yet another closet in my house and I found something I tore out from the November 2010 issue of Allure magazine.
Forcing yourself to be talkative for ten minutes is enough to improve mood.
Give it a shot and [...]

Let Go of your Childhood. Here’s a quote to think about.

“When you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” Tom Stoppard, British playwright
This quote came from Bethenny Frankel’s book, A Place of Yes. Many people get stuck in their lives because they’re carrying around baggage from childhood. Everyone has some type of mental garbage from childhood. Yes, some childhoods are much, much worse [...]

What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

I’ve blogged a few times about the power of counting your blessings. Write down 3 to 5 gratefuls a day for a month and you’ll definitely feel happier. In fact, you’ll feel a huge difference in about 2 weeks if you do this consistently. Thinking about what we have and focusing on all of the [...]

How do you know if you have overeaten?

I know what you’re all thinking that the answer to this is “I’ve overeaten when I feel painfully full and bloated.”. That’s what happens when we eat too much but sometimes we eat more than we should but not to the point where we feel we’re going to burst. I’m reading a book called Mind [...]

4 Easy Steps to Become a Minimalist.

I just finished reading a simple yet fabulous book called The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life by Leo Babauta. Over the last year I’ve been in the process of simplifying my life to make life easier and more pleasant. I’ve come to realize that having too much stuff is stressful and it’s just weighing [...]

People who eat processed food are depressed!

I read an interesting statistic in the July/August issue of ┬áMaximum Fitness magazine. 58 is the percentage of higher risk of depression among those who consume a diet that is heavy in processed foods. (Source: British Journal of Psychiatry). I’ve known for some time that what you eat can really change your mood. When I [...]

Almost 90% of all paper in your home and office is never referred to again!

One problem that people often have a tough time with is clutter. Clutter seems to have a way of making us feel down in the dumps. I had the problem for a very long time myself. The only thing that seems to be left over from this is that I always have piles of papers [...]

What’s Your dream?

People seem to be taken aback when I ask this question. The usual response that I get is “I don’t have a dream” which is then followed by a nervous laugh. People really hate to be asked this question. When we reach a certain age, we tend to think that pursuing a dream or even [...]