Basic Guide for Eating for High Level Wellness.

Sorry I’ve been away awhile. I’ve been on a Grand Jury for the last few weeks.
This info is from the Wellness Workbook 3rd edition by John W. Travis, M.D. and Regina Sara Ryan. This is a simple guideline to keep in mind when you just want a refresher and it is a great guideline to [...]

How do you know if you have overeaten?

I know what you’re all thinking that the answer to this is “I’ve overeaten when I feel painfully full and bloated.”. That’s what happens when we eat too much but sometimes we eat more than we should but not to the point where we feel we’re going to burst. I’m reading a book called Mind [...]

A Simple Way to Tell if Produce is Certified Organic.

Many people have asked me how you can tell if produce is certified organic. There is a simple way of being able to tell if something is organic by reading the label. It is set up by the International Federation for Produce Standards. Buying organic ensures that you are getting the highest quality of produce [...]

A Definition of Spirituality and Ideas for Bringing More of it Into Your Life.

Many people are confused about exactly what spirituality is and how to bring it into their lives. Here’s something from the Mayo Clinic Guide to Complementary and Alternative Therapies book that will help you get started.
Spirituality has many definitions, but at its core it helps to give our lives context. Spirituality isn’t necessarily connected to [...]

Here’s a Simple, Basic Stress Management Plan.

I found an interesting book in the supermarket called Guide to Alternative Medicine 2011 from the Mayo Clinic. The reason it interests me is because many people don’t understand or respect Alternative medicine but most people have heard of the Mayo Clinic and they respect the work that they do there. The basic stress management [...]

People who eat processed food are depressed!

I read an interesting statistic in the July/August issue of ┬áMaximum Fitness magazine. 58 is the percentage of higher risk of depression among those who consume a diet that is heavy in processed foods. (Source: British Journal of Psychiatry). I’ve known for some time that what you eat can really change your mood. When I [...]

Why Floss?

This bit of information is from the September 2010 issue of First magazine.
Floss for 30 seconds Daily. - That’s all it takes to add six-and-a-half years to your life, say UCLA researchers. Flossing helps prevent periodontal infections, which can spread through the bloodstream and trigger chronic tissue-damaging inflammation.

Exercise Immediately Improves Your Ability to Learn.

This is from Yahoo.
Exercise immediately improves your ability to learn.
It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. In a study at the University of Muenster in Germany, participants who ran sprints learned new words 20 percent faster than those who did nothing. Other research has tied physical activity to improve attention and memory as well.
“Exercise is the [...]

Foods That Protect Against Skin Cancer.

This information is from the June issue of Fitness Rx magazine.
Most people know that sunblocks within SPS factor of 15 or more protect the skin against caner-producing UV rays. Many foods are protective, too. Niva Shapira from Tel Aviv University in Israel suggested nutritional techniques to protect the skin against the sun’s rays. Antioxidants such [...]

Here’s A Part Time Diet That Works.

I’m generally not for diets. You can’t lose weight long term without changing your eating habits permanently. That being said, sometimes we need a kick start and I think this one from The April 2010 issue of More magazine is a good one.
According to the More article, one way to slim down is by severely [...]