Recipe for an Incredible Chocolate Superfood Smoothie.

Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

Serves 1
1/2 c. young coconut meat
1 c. ice
3 c. coconut water
1 Tbsp. maca powder
1 Tbsp. raw cacao powder
1/4 c. Goji berries
1 Tbsp. organic hemp seeds
1 tsp. Spirulina Crystal Flakes
1/4 c. raw cacao nibs
5 pitted Medjool dates
1 Tbsp. cold-pressed coconut oil
2 Tbsp. raw agave nectar (optional) (I find Agave to be unnecessary when you use [...]

A Simple Way to Tell if Produce is Certified Organic.

Many people have asked me how you can tell if produce is certified organic. There is a simple way of being able to tell if something is organic by reading the label. It is set up by the International Federation for Produce Standards. Buying organic ensures that you are getting the highest quality of produce [...]

Raw Chocolate Recipe

Here is a raw chocolate recipe that a friend of mine gave me. Feel free to experiment an add more or less of the ingredients. You can get very creative with this. Add peanut butter, almond butter, etc for a peanut butter cup type of chocolate or try adding orange zest. I just love chocolate [...]

A Few Walnuts a Day Can Help You Cope with Stress

I heard this bit of information on Cosmo’s 7 Things to Know Before You Go. I tried to find the recap but I couldn’t. I’m pretty sure they got the tidbit from this article from the Los Angeles Times. The information is interesting because it shows how what you eat can really affect your mental [...]

Popcorn is as healthful as fruits and vegetables!

Today I picked up a copy of a magazine from USA Today called Fresh Women’s Health Guide. In an article listing 20 Superfoods, they listed Popcorn as one of the Superfoods! According to the article, “New Research suggests that this movie snack, sans butter, is as healthful as fruits and vegetables. Scientists recently measured the [...]

Organic Refreshing Drink Health Drink.

I saw this in a circular from  health food market called Wild By Nature. I think it’s the perfect summer juice or smoothie. Ingredients (Buy all organic)
cucumber, celery, lemon, apples   
They didn’t specify quanitities. Try 1 of each.