Green foods that aren’t actually Green.

I’m reading an interesting book call The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval. I learned something that I never knew. There are foods that are considered to be green that aren’t actually the color green. Here’s a section directly out of his book.:
“Green” Foods That Aren’t Actually Green
Here’s some trivia about red cabbage: Although it’s [...]

Green Smoothie Fast Day 2.

My workout yesterday was rough. It was my first day back in the gym. I did really well for the first 40 minutes and then I got very nauseous. When I got back, I ate a banana. I think that I just didn’t eat enough before the workout. I think that a couple of smoothies [...]

How do you know if you have overeaten?

I know what you’re all thinking that the answer to this is “I’ve overeaten when I feel painfully full and bloated.”. That’s what happens when we eat too much but sometimes we eat more than we should but not to the point where we feel we’re going to burst. I’m reading a book called Mind [...]

Do your vitamins contain cheap fillers? Here’s a quick way to find out.

Here’s a 5 Minute Fix from the November 2010 issue of Shape magazine.
Drop you vitamin in a cup of water. Some brands use cheap fillers that aren’t broken down in the body, which means you’re missing out on important nutrients. If yours doesn’t dissolve completely in an hour, pick up a new kind.

Which friend is he interested in? Here’s a quick body language tip.

I’ve studied body language and facial expressions for years. Cosmopolitan magazine has a great, easy Body Language Decoder on their web site. Here’s a tip they give in their first meeting sections.
He positions his chest and shoulders toward you, even though he may be looking at something else. Whether it’s you your best friend, or [...]

What are Hydrogenated Oils? We know that they’re bad but what are they?

Most of us have heard that hydrogenated oils are bad for us but what are they and why is it important to get them out of our diets? I’m reading an interesting book called Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack. This is how he describes hydrogenated oils.
“Most packaged food will contain hydrogenated oils to enhance [...]

4 Easy Steps to Become a Minimalist.

I just finished reading a simple yet fabulous book called The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life by Leo Babauta. Over the last year I’ve been in the process of simplifying my life to make life easier and more pleasant. I’ve come to realize that having too much stuff is stressful and it’s just weighing [...]

A Few Walnuts a Day Can Help You Cope with Stress

I heard this bit of information on Cosmo’s 7 Things to Know Before You Go. I tried to find the recap but I couldn’t. I’m pretty sure they got the tidbit from this article from the Los Angeles Times. The information is interesting because it shows how what you eat can really affect your mental [...]

The 11 Dimensions of Reality.

This bit of information came from of my favorite people. Jamie Katz.
Stephen Hawking and Michael Green are the main physicists who developed this.
It basically states that every choice we makes creates endless alternative realities that exist in a non knowable universe.
There are 3 knowable dimensions of reality, but 11 dimensions that exist.
Somewhere out there, there [...]

A Definition of Spirituality and Ideas for Bringing More of it Into Your Life.

Many people are confused about exactly what spirituality is and how to bring it into their lives. Here’s something from the Mayo Clinic Guide to Complementary and Alternative Therapies book that will help you get started.
Spirituality has many definitions, but at its core it helps to give our lives context. Spirituality isn’t necessarily connected to [...]