Natural Happy Pills

This is from Women’s Health Magazine (Novemember 2011).
Folate isn’t just for expectant moms. New Research shows that a broken-down form of the nutrient can help antidepressants do their job better. Patients who took prescription L-methylfolate along with a daily antidepressant had 50 percent fewer symptoms than those who took the antidepressant alone. “The brain needs [...]

Fish Oil Eases Eczema.

Eczema hasn’t been as much of a problem for me in recent years but I’ve had terrible bouts of it and I know terrible it can be. Here’s a bit of information about how to keep eczema under control from the 1/2/12 issue of First magazine.
If you have an eczema flare-up, take a fish-oil supplement [...]

Supportive Supplements for Weight Loss

I think all of you have begun to realize that I’m getting ready for the summer. That’s the reason for all of the weight loss tips lately. I just read something in the April 2010 issue of one of my favorite magazines, Natural Health. Here are the 5 supplements they recommend.
Ginger: Ginger stimulates metabolism by [...]