Sweet Potatoes for a 6 Pack?

This is from the April 25, 2011 issue of US magazine.

According the article in Us magazine, Glee’s Matthew Morrison attributes his 6 pack seen on his Details magazine cover to eating nothing but sweet potatoes for 3 days! “The potato acts as a sponge,” he claims of the nutrient rich veggie. “Your body literally shrinks and gets ripped and tight.”

I’m ┬ánot sure if this works but it certainly can’t hurt to try. At the very least, you would lose a few pounds. Eating nothing but sweet potatoes for 3 days is a typical mono diet. The idea is to eat as much as you want of any one type of food. (Don’t add butter to the potatoes.) People often do this with baked potatoes, plain pasta, or plain rice. You can also try it with one type of fruit. It’s a great way to cleanse and get a jump start for a healthy diet and eating program. I think it’s best to make a long weekend out of this. Spend the weekend resting, reading, watching great movies, and eating your sweet potatoes. Give your mind and body a chance to rest.

If any of you try this, please leave a comment here and tell me what you think.

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