“I’m so Hungry that I Overeat.” Here’s the Small Change Solution.

I picked up a new book yesterday called The Small Change Diet by Keri Gans. The basic idea of the book is that small changes can yield big weight loss results. Her advice is solid and anyone can benefit from it. Here are two things situations that are big problems for a lot of people and what to do about them. (This is from pages 22 and 23 of Keri’s book.)

I don’t have time to eat lunch at work until 2 PM, and by then I’m so hungry that I overeat!

Small Change SOlution: If you’ve gone for more than four hours without fuel, of course you’re going to want to overeat. It is crucial that you have a midmorning snack to tide you over. Keep a healthy morning “extra” on hand by making your morning snack a portable part of your breakfast prep. Bananas and Geek-style yogurt (Greek style yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt) are great options.

I am usualy starved at 4 PM, but I wait until I get home to eat.

Small Change Solution: Skipping an afternoon snack when you are already starved will only ensure that you will overeat when you get home. Create a snack drawer in your desk, and keep it stocked for a week with snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated. A piece of fruit (which can also satisfy a late-day sweet craving) with a serving of nuts, a whole wheat crispbread spread with peanut butter, or a small bag of soy chips could be a good choice.

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