The Secret Behind Beyonce’s Body.

This is from the June 13, 2011 issue of Life and Style magazine.

Beyonce knows that switching up her workout routine is the key to seeing change. According to the article, Beyonce’s trainer Marco Borges tells Life and Style that they do a combination of cardio, resistance exercises, and yoga. Her sessions are 60 to 80 minutes, four to five days a week. Beyonce does 100 reps of reverse lunges, plies, squarest. He considers this workout to be an extension of her card. To learn more, read Marco Borges’s book, Power Moves. Here’s the recipe for Borges’s Detox One-Day Juice that Beyonce drinks.

Detox One-Day Juice:

Celery, ginger, spinach, parsley, cucumbers, lemon, beets, and carrots.

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