Sleep Better Tonight with Help from this Essential Vitamin.

This is from Woman’s World 7/9/12.

Drift off to sleep faster with B12.

This nutrient is essential for brain function. It’s a proven remedy for depression, anxiety, and memory lapses. Now Japanese research suggest a daily 1,000 mug dose could also help you drift ff more easily. “B12 nourishes your brain’s pineal gland, helping it produce a surge of sleep-triggering melatonin at bedtime,” explains C.W. Randolph Jr., M.D., founder of the Natural Hormone Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.

I wanted to add in this entry because my trainer has recommended B12 for me to boost my energy. It’s so essential that I’m considering adding a weekly B12 shot to my normal regimen. If you don’t want to be that extreme, go for a good B vitamin supplement which covers B12 and other B vitamins.

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