Problems with Bad Breath due to Digestion Problems? Here’s a solution.

I went through a very stressful situation last year and started to have digestion problems as a result of the stress I was experiencing. My doctor prescribed Nexium (and then Prilosec when my health insurance changed.) The medicine did nothing for me. I knew that I had bad breath a lot of the time. I was brushing my teeth like crazy and taking the medicine religiously.

I ended up getting an endoscopy. I found out that I do have some problems. One of them being an acid reflux problem. I went on the acid reflux diet and cut out the main culprit, coffee. My breath was still no good.

I spoke the doctor and I was told to take the Prilosec twice a day plus some other medication. I bought the new medication but when I read about the possible side effects, I decided against taking it. The side effects were very scary to me. So, I decided to go with my holistic health background and go the natural way.

I found out that wheatgrass helps people with digestive issues and it helps people get rid of bad breath issues and body odor issues. After taking wheatgrass for a few days, my breath seemed fine. The problem was that I couldn’t get wheatgrass regularly and I don’t have a wheatgrass juicer. I bought the frozen stuff but it really tastes disgusting.

I continued my investigation and I found out that the thing in wheatgrass that was helping the breath problem was Chlorophyll. I read that it acted like an “internal deodorizer”.

I’ve been taking 600 mg Chlorphyll tablets once a day for a month now. I no longer have the breath problem and I’m not taking any medication. It’s such a simple thing to do and it’s such a relief not to worry about my breath. If you’re having this problem, give Chlorophyll tablets a try.

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